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China Railway Engineering Design Consulting Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as China Railway Design) is a large-scale comprehensive survey and design consulting company integrating engineering planning, surveying, design, consulting, general contracting, supervision, products and scientific research and development. It is a Fortune 500 company in China-China The holding subsidiary of China Railway Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of RMB 73,082.8286 million ... + Details

Enterprise spirit: only new, only diligent, only sincere, only real

Core values: professional, pragmatic, inclusive and innovative

Profession- deep accumulation, exquisite technology, fine management

Pragmatic- keep improving, be meticulous, and be brave

Inclusiveness- sincere collaboration, inclusiveness, and harmonious development

Innovation—— advancing with the times, forging ahead with new ideas, and pursuing excellence

China Railway Design Promotional Film "Wisdom Builds the Path"

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